First Aid Certification Courses 
 CPR Certification Courses 

Emergency First Aid & CPR level A with AED

1 Day

In this course you will learn to identify when medical help is needed & the proper first aid that can be given in the minutes before medical help arrives.

Included Modules:

Emergency Scene Management, Trauma, Severe Bleeds, Eye Injuries, Burns, Medical Conditions & Adult CPR with AED.

Standard First Aid & CPR level C with AED

2 Days

This course offers the same skills learned in Emergency First Aid as well as additional first aid needed for other common emergency situations.

Included Modules:

Day 1 -  Modules in the Emergency First Aid course.

Day 2 -  Environmental Injuries, Bone & Joint Injuries, Chest & Abdominal Injuries, Wound Care, Child & infant CPR with AED & Two Rescuer CPR with AED.

Babysitting Basics

1 Day

Everything a professional babysitter needs to start a new career.

Included Modules:

Becoming a babysitter, caring for children, children & food, children & play,

keeping children safe, handling emergencies & first aid including basic CPR.

CPR Level A with AED

1/2 Day

In this course you will learn the skills needed to properly perform CPR for adults as well as learn to operate & manage an AED.

CPR Level C with AED

1 Day

This course includes skills learned from CPR level A while adding procedures for two rescuer CPR & CPR for children & Infants.

 Recertification for all courses 


Skill Demonstration & Exam.

1/2 Day CPR courses

1 Day All other courses

Recertification must be completed before certification expires. No exceptions will be given.

 Enhanced First Aid Course also available.

 Please contact us for details. 

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