Our goal is to make first aid training easily accessible to all Albertans.

Do you know what to do if someone becomes injured or can't breathe?

What difference can you make for someone following an injury?

Can you keep things from getting worse?

Knowing what steps to take & what first aid to give makes a big difference to that person, you can save a function, a limb or save their life!

We teach you how to keep your cool under pressure, how to take charge when needed & what first aid to give in those important moments.


Alongside the first aid you'll learn, you will also be practicing better focus & gaining confidence in your abilities. You'll have a hand in making a positive impact on those around you & you'll be helping create more trust in the community.

First Aid for the workplace

We offer on-location training so you can save the cost of travel for your employees.

You can choose to have us on an “on call” basis making it easier to schedule new employees or employees due for recertification.

We can even set up regularly scheduled classes just for your company!

First Aid for families

We instruct engaging classes to help you protect your family & take control in everyday emergencies. We will help you find the right course for your family. We can even set up a class for your family to take together, including children ages 12 & up!

First Aid for students

Maybe you need first aid training for an upcoming career, or your interested in babysitting. We have the perfect certifications for you! 

Ask about competitive pricing & special rates for students & groups.

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